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Jeddah season launched with 150 Events over 5 destinations

The Jeddah Season Organizing Committee has launched more than 150 events, most of which are offered for the first time at a competitive price of 25 percent below their fair natural price, to enhance the Kingdom’s contribution to the arts, culture, sports, and entertainment. , Which will be held in the city from June 8 to July 18 in five major destinations within and around the city.

Eng. Raed Abu Zanada, General Supervisor of the Jeddah Season, said during the press conference that the Jeddah season aims to provide the best entertainment, tourism and cultural activities at a price that can not be compared to any market in the region or internationally. Part of the leadership’s desire to encourage citizens and residents to participate.

He said that Jeddah has always been known as the main destination for sea and water activities for its residents and visitors. This is why it was known as the Red Sea Bride. Jeddah is the most important city in the Kingdom, as it is the crossroads of diverse cultures and its rich marine nature, as well as its history of more than 3,000 years. Go ahead.

Abu Znada explained that the Jeddah season initiative was a confirmation of its status as the Kingdom’s commercial capital and the conduit corridor for decades. It also aims to develop the tourism infrastructure of the city by empowering Saudi youth and providing jobs and attracting direct investments to support the city’s economic growth.

As of the 5th of Shawwal, the residents of Jeddah and its visitors will live for 41 days in an unprecedented atmosphere and an exceptional experience not witnessed by the Red Sea bride through an events of various types of recreational, sports, cultural and artistic activities for all age groups, which will appeal to the tastes of all visitors. Aspirations, national cadres, and subsidized prices by the state.

Various events in different areas
During the Jeddah season, the historic Jeddah area, Al Hamra, the waterfront, Abhaar, and King Abdullah Sports City will host a host of Arab and international personalities. A number of international tournaments and festivals will take place. And the Hijazi arts.

At the waterfront, you will be attending a world-famous constellation of restaurants, as well as international festivals that will redefine shopping and hiking on the Red Sea coast. There will also be popular children’s cartoon shows accompanied by art workshops dedicated to them.

Jeddah’s central Corniche will turn into a luminous, marine-like facade that offers visitors leisure activities including sea theater, artistic and interactive attractions, and a number of Arabic and other international shows.

The exclusive restaurants in Abhur will be spread out in a new style and the exciting circus will be more contemporary and interesting. There will also be a variety of folkloric and artistic performances, along with a fishing championship and many interesting marine options. The tour will be available for visitors from cruises, water tanks and sailing in the Red Sea.

In the King Abdullah Sports City, the boxing week, which will feature a special event for the Muslim hero Amir Khan, will be attended by Rocky star Sylvester Stallone and a concert of the world-renowned Korean Super Junior will be held. The Jeddah season is a strategic tool for the development of Jeddah’s tourism features. Twenty-five percent of Jeddah’s construction, development and infrastructure projects are of a sustainable nature and are designed to serve the Red Sea family in the long term.


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