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Saudi Special Residence Iqama Advantages

Article 2 of the Saudi residency system stipulates a number of advantages that guarantee a flexible and comfortable lifestyle so that the holder of the distinctive residence has the following rights and benefits and is bound by the following duties:

* Residence in the Kingdom with his family.
* Visiting visas for relatives, as determined by the regulations.
* Recruitment of domestic workers according to their needs.
* Ownership of real estate for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, except for the cities of Makkah, Madinah and the border areas, as determined by the regulations.
* Use of real estate located in the cities of Makkah and Madinah for a period not exceeding (99) years, and the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Trade and Investment mechanisms to ensure that the user to obtain an instrument of utilization issued by the notary. Such right shall be enforceable by transfer to others in accordance with the regulations established by the Committee.
* Own private means of transport, and any other movables allowed to be acquired in the Kingdom.
* Work in private sector facilities and move between them, including any members of his family, except for occupations and businesses that are prohibited for non-Saudi nationals, and without prejudice to the fees imposed on non-Saudis.
* Freedom to leave the Kingdom and return to it self.
* Use of the corridors allocated to Saudis when entering the Kingdom through its ports and exit.
* Doing business, according to the foreign investment system.

Provided that the regulation specifies the other provisions governing the provisions of paragraph (1) of this article.


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